Amazon Tours and Activities

The Amazon rainforest has an abundance of flora and fauna, local indigenous communities have kept their authentic cultures and this rainforest is full of great activities. That’s why the world’s largest jungle is such a great travel destination. During an Amazon rainforest tour, you’ll feel like you’re on another planet. 

Where to go?

If you decide to travel to the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, you have 2 main options. First the province of Tena and second the Yasuni National Park.


Tena in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Tena is situated at the edge of the Amazon rainforest. The main advantage is its location and infrastructure. It’s 3.5 hours from Quito, 2.5 hours from Papallacta and 3 hours from Baños (de Agua Santa) by car. Therefore, it’s ideal to combine with other travel destinations in Ecuador.


Deeper into the jungle, you will find more species of flora and fauna. But don’t underestimate Tena! Tena is still a true Amazon Jungle experience and there are plenty of tours which do take you deeper into the jungle and start here. However, these are always multi day tours.


Tena is also one of the better places for white water rafting and kayaking tours. The Andes is right around the corner, so the mountains still have an effect on the rapids here.


Yasuni National Park – Amazon – Ecuador

The Yasuni National park is very deep into the Amazon rainforest. Daily domestic flights from Quito bring you there. Tours through this national park give you a maximum jungle experience.


The Yasuni National park is one of the most biodiverse parts of the Amazon rainforest and thereby of the world. Tours in the Yasuni National Park generally require a bit more planning ahead and will take up multiple days of your travel time. However, if a jungle tour is high on your wishlist, it’s worth it.


Amazon Tours

What are the best Amazon rainforest tours?

Make sure to take at least one day tour. The world knows plenty of holiday destinations you could discover on your own, but the Amazon jungle is surely not one of them. Without a tour, you will not see a lot more than the small towns and your hotel. You will miss out on all the impressive flora, fauna and jungle experiences. First, because you wouldn’t know where to look and second, because the Amazon rainforest is a dangerous place without a guide.


In Tena, you can pick several day tours, including animal rescue centers, animals spotting from canoes, hikes, chocolate farms, visiting communities, rafting, kayaking, bird watching, etc. Regularly, you can even make last minute arrangements.


Multi Day tours require more planning ahead of your trip. There are a few multi day tours from Tena, but for most you would need to fly to the Yasuni National Park. You can stay in comfortable Ecolodges, with indigenous communities or sleep in the open jungle with the guidance of a professional. Multi Day tours will bring you to the center of an abundance of wildlife, jungle plants and authentic Amazonian cultures. 


What will you do during a tour through the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador?

We don’t believe in standardized travel packages and tours for large groups of tourists. It really depends on what you’re interested in and for how long you want to go.


You can think of activities such as: Rafting, kayaking, hiking, canoeing, bird watching, wildlife watching, exploring amazon plants, piranha fishing, mingling with indigenous communities, etc.


In fact, our photo galleries give you a much better impression of what there is to do in the Amazon Rainforest. Depending on your interest, click on Adventure, Nature or Culture and scroll to the Amazon section. 


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