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In every corner of Ecuador, you'll find adventurous things to do

If you are thinking of a vacation full of adventure, Ecuador is the right place to go. This page will give you an impression of what adventurous things there are to do and in which parts of the country you can do those.
The great diversity of landscapes within this South American country offers a wide range of possibilities. First of all, The mountains and volcanoes in the Andes. Second, The jungle, cloud forest and rain forest in the Amazon. Third, the beaches along the Pacific Coast. And last but not least, the tropical islands of the Galapagos.
“High up at the Cotopaxi volcano, you’ll be surrounded by stones and snow only. At an altitude of 5000m, you’ll feel how much energy each step costs.
Once you descend the unpaved stone roads on your mountain bike, life appears rapidly around you and you suddenly realize that you are right under the sun at the equator.”
mountain biking Cotopaxi

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Banos de agua santa

The rapids, waterfalls and mountains are guarantee for lots of adventure. Don't forget to recharge in the natural spas.

Cotopaxi - Ecuador
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Hiking at over 5000m is a true challenge. The impressive scenery makes it an unforgettable experience.

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At beaches along the complete coastline as well as at the Galapagos Islands, there are surfing opportunities for all levels.

Adventurous Things To Do in Ecuador by Region

Let’s be more specific and break the adventurous things to do in Ecuador down to its 4 different regions. Obviously, different nature, different landscapes and different climates per region, also means different activities per region. In the below overview, we’ll give you a visual impression of adventurous things to do in Ecuador for each of the country’s regions.

Adventure To Do in the Andes (Sierra)

Things to do in the Sierra can be summarized into 2 words: Mountain fun! The peaks of the Volcanoes are covered in permanent snow. At these altitudes, hiking to the tops is truly challenging and requires serious preparations. Further down the mountains, there are several mountain bike downhill paths and multiple rock climbing possibilities.
In the highlands, overlooking the volcanoes, there are amazing horseback riding possibilities. You can ride together with the Chagras (Ecuadorian cowboys).
Also, the hikes through the national parks are amazing. Some are full day hikes. While other hiking trails take up multiple days. You can hop from one hostel to the other. Or you could bring your own tent if you’d prefer. Many hikes bring you to beautiful crater lakes or to impressive Waterfalls.
Another way to enjoy the waterfalls is by rappelling down them. In fact, there are complete tours which combine rappelling with ziplining. And if you dare, you could even combine these adventures with a bungee jump.

Adventures To Do on the Galapagos Islands

This remote archipelago is full of wildlife. Adventurous things to do on the Galapagos Islands involve discovering the abundance of wildlife, in particular in the water.
The Galapagos Islands are a scuba diving paradise. In fact, for experienced divers there are enough diving spots to entertain you for weeks. Nevertheless, it’s also a great scuba diving destination if you have little to no diving experience. Or even if you stick to snorkeling, you’d still be amazed by the beautiful marine life. In particular, sea lions are very social animals. They will come and check you out, just out of curiosity.
But you don’t need to go underwater to enjoy the wildlife and nature. By kayak, you’ll get to some beautiful remote areas around the islands. You could even get close to dolphins and whales by kayak. Also on land the Galapagos Islands are Amazing. You could hike the Sierra Negra Volcano for instance.
Several Islands at the Galapagos have amazing waves and are perfect for surfing. Surfing at the Galapagos Islands is an exceptional experience. You’ll share the waves with sea lions. You’ll spot sea turtles while paddling. And if you relax at the beach, you’ll be surrounded by iguanas.

Adventurous Things To Do at the Costa (Ecuadorian Pacific Coast)

The Costa in Ecuador means beach life. This is a great place for surfing. The long Pacific coastline with more than 600km of beaches offers a lot of surf destinations, all with their own character.
You can combine surfing with other activities at the coast. Think of paragliding, kayaking or see monkeys in coastal national parks. Also at Ecuador’s mainland’s coast, there are scuba diving and snorkeling facilities. And from August until October, you can spot whales with their calves which come very close to the shores because of the warm waters.

Adventurous Things To Do in the Amazon Rainforest

In Tena, the Amazon Rainforest’s province closest to the Andes, the Napo river has perfect rapids for all levels of rafting and whitewater kayaking. There are professional guides and teachers so you can enjoy this adventure safely. You’ll find ziplining and waterfall rappelling facilities here as well.
If you go deeper into the Amazon rainforest, to the Yasuni national park, you can take multi day (private) tours. With a guide, you can go piranha fishing, you’ll spot Amazonian wildlife and you can decide to stay overnight in the jungle or with an indigenous community.
Whether you go to Tena or to Yasuni, you’ll have a true Amazon experience and spot lots of wildlife.

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