About Us

The nicest thing of traveling independently is that it feels like a true discovery. You have absolute freedom to do, see and experience whatever you want and whenever you want. You can completely personalize your own trip, mingle with locals and get off the beaten path. Nobody, other than you, has a say in your own travel plans. You follow your own path and do exactly what you want.
The practical downside is that the discovery doesn’t only lay in your trip, but also in the organization of it. Making it much less efficient. You don’t always have the luxury of time to travel so freely without the risk of missing out of some of the nice experiences you had planned.
For the sake of efficiency, many people end up traveling with a travel agent. These agents do their absolute best to pull together the most interesting packages for most travelers. Thanks to these packages, you can visit a lot in little time and you are always assured of the support of the agent during your travels. Unfortunately, these trips always remain very generic and you’ll constantly be surrounded by other tourists.

Our Vision



Modern traveling means that travelers would not have to choose between these two alternatives.
With the use of modern technology and our vast local network, we can pull together the best of both worlds: The freedom and possibilities of travelling independently and the efficiency, guidance, advice and support of traveling with an agent.


Our Mission


In cooperation with our local network of travel professionals in Ecuador, we plan each individual vacation to Ecuador together with the traveler from scratch. Or we only support and advise travelers during a backpacking trip from the background. We are as much or as little involved as the traveler wants. 
Therefore, our service is completely personalized.


Who We Are?


We don’t just have a passion for travelling to Ecuador, we have our roots there. That’s why we have a large local network.
We’re a registered travel agent in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but we work with local official Ecuadorian travel partners. That’s what enables us to tailor the services for each individual traveler.


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