Ecuador: Travel through 4 Worlds

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Explore the sunny Pacific Coast, the Amazon jungle, the Andes Mountains, and above all, the Tropical Galapagos Islands.
This South-American country is not only incredibly diverse but also relatively small. Therefore, you can travel to many of Ecuador’s best places during a single vacation.


Galapagos sea
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The immense diversity of climates in Ecuador means an even so diverse nature. While planning your trip, you could easily split the map of Ecuador into four different regions: the subtropical Galapagos Islands, the Amazon jungle (selva), the Andean highlands (sierra) and the coastal area at the Pacific Ocean.


This diversity gives you many choices, opportunities and options. Are you tired of the beach and whale watching? Pack your backpack and go kayaking in volcano crater lakes and go hiking in the snow-capped mountains. Is the elevation getting too cold? Go check out the world’s most diverse wildlife in the Amazon. Or would you prefer a tropical Island? Then you should go scuba diving with sharks and rays or snorkeling with sea lions and iguanas at the Galapagos Islands.


If you travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, you’ll encounter tropical beaches, jungles, iguanas, piranhas, volcanoes, turtles, and more

mountain biker Andes
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Ecuador is not a typical tourist destination. The country is rather small for Latin-American standards and does not appear in the news across the world every day. Perhaps, this makes it even more interesting for a vacation.


Its nature and great diversity in landscapes makes Ecuador perfect for adventurous activities. Each region offers different adventures to do. Think of scuba diving, mountain biking, surfing, rafting, canyoning and a lot more…


Together we’ll build individually tailored tourist routes full of adventure, exciting sights, a large diversity of nature and everything that’s on your bucket list. As trips are customized, it can be as luxury or as cheap as you prefer.







old town Quito
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From Amazon communities to Andean colonial city centers. From indigenous handicrafts in the highlands to fresh fish meals at the beach. Ecuador has a lot of cultures to discover.

For example, on your trip to Ecuador, you can choose to visit the village of Otavalo. It’s a few hours north of the capital Quito and famous for its artisan market. In fact, it’s the largest in South-America.


Or in Quito, you could walk through the centuries-old streets in colonial architecture, while visiting one impressive cathedral after the other. In fact, Quito has the best maintained colonial city center and most cathedrals per square meter in South-America and is therefore UNESCO world heritage.


As a culture lover, it’s also great to mingle with the locals. Depending on the time of the year, you may encounter one of the local parades in the cities and towns.


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South-Trips was founded for travelers and backpackers who want to travel in their own way while still getting expert practical support from the background. The people who travel with us like to stay in control of their vacation. Everyone wants a different trip. The only thing our travelers have in common is that they seek personalized trips and flexibility.


We plan each vacation to Ecuador together with the traveler from scratch. Besides the planned activities, our level of involvement depends on the individual trip.
For instance, sometimes we only do an airport pick-up or plan only parts of the trip. But mostly, we support the complete planning of the vacation. Nevertheless, we always remain available for support during the entirety of the trip.


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