Ecuador itinerary examples

Examples of itineraries through Ecuador

Below you’ll find examples of what the most popular itineraries through Ecuador look like. Eventually, you will decide precisely what your vacation in Ecuador will look like. We’ll continue coming with suggestions of things to do as well as alternative itineraries until you’re 100% excited to go. 

Iguana Galapagos
Guayacanes Ecuador

itinerary 1: Adventure and Nature with a little taste of Culture

The fist example of itineraries through Ecuador starts with a visit to Quito by night. The old-town in the middle of the mountains give some extraordinary panoramas.


The next day you will go to Tena in the Amazon for rafting in the Napo river. This area is suitable for both beginners and experienced rafters. There are exciting rapids, calm pools and it’s in the middle of an impressive jungle scenery. 

After rafting in the jungle, it’s time for mountain biking in the impressive highlands of the Andes. You’ll be driven high up the Cotopaxi volcano. After enjoying the view and getting yourself acquainted with the altitude, you’ll bike all the way down the volcano. 

You’ll continue your journey to the Quilotoa lagoon. Here you’ll spend the night in a simple place, run by an indigenous family. Next, you’ll enjoy Ecuador’s highest Volcano the Chimborazo (hiking or biking). 

Finally, you’ll head to the Galapagos islands to go scuba diving. A multi-night cruise (could be 7 nights) will take you to some amazing places to dive, including a night dive. Of course, you should at least spend a day at the islands themselves as well.

This example could take 14 nights from which 7 at the Galapagos, 3 in the Amazon and 4 in the Andes. 

itinerary 2: Nature with a focus on wildlife

you’ll start with a day in the city of Quito. Here, you’ll visit some impressive churches and the UNESCO old-town.


The next day, you’ll go to the Yasuní National Park in the amazon. You’ll fly to the forest that counts the highest diversity species of animals, birds, reptiles and insects anywhere in the Napo river and its surroundings.  In this park, you will enjoy walks through the jungle, observe animals and sails in canoes. Furthermore, you will visit an indigenous family, fish piranhas and much more.


Next, you’ll go to the warm cloud forest of Mindo, known for its beautiful scenery and lush flora and fauna. Here, you can find more than 500 species of birds, orchids, bromeliads and more than 40 species of butterflies.


From the Andes’ cloud forest, you’ll go to the Andes’ rainforest: Baños. Here, you’ll find another completely different landscape: a rain forest with steep, high mountains with waterfalls and crystal-clear rivers. Besides the beautiful nature, this is a perfect place to enjoy the natural spas, created by the Tungurahua volcano.


Last, but not least, you’ll go to the enchanted Galápagos, a magical place where you can swim with turtles, snorkel with friendly sea lions, walk very close to a number of birds and animals endemic to the region, always surrounded by fantastic and incomparable landscapes and prestine beaches.


This example could take 13 nights. 3 in the amazon, 5 in the Andes (Mindo and Banos) and 6 at the Galapagos islands.

itinerary 3: Culture and Nature combined

In the final example of itineraries through Ecuador, you would spend more time in Ecuador’s capital.  Your journey starts with a few days in Quito. Here, you’ll visit the old-town with its many churches. As well as museums such as Palas del Governo, Museo de la Ciudad and the art museum of Guayasamin. You can oversee the city from the top of a mountain through the TeleferiQo. 

About 30 minutes north of Quito is the little town ‘Mitad del Mundo’ (middle of the world). Here, you’ll find a monument right at the equator. 

After Quito, you’ll go into the highlands of the Andes. You’ll visit the Cotopaxi (the highest active Volcano of Ecuador).  Also, the landscapes around the volcano are impressive and perfect for hikes. In the middle of the highlands is the town of Otavalo. Here, you’ll find an indigenous market with handcrafted traditional products such as textiles made from alpacas’ hairs.

Next, you’ll visit the crater lagoon of Cuicocha combined with the artisan town of Cotacachi, known for its authentic handmade leather products.

Next, you’ll go to Tena in the Amazon. Your guide will take you by canoe to a monkey refuge, a local chocolate plantation and you’ll visit an indigenous community. 

Finally, you’ll end your trip by visiting the Galapagos Islands to enjoy the extraordinary wildlife and amazing landscapes.

This example could take 12 nights. 3 in the Quito area, 2 in the Andes highlands, 2 the Amazon and 5 at the Galapagos.

We could come with an endless number of examples of what your trip could look like. Have a look at our website. But also, just google other sources on Ecuador and let us know what you’d like your trip to look like. So, we can start designing it together. 

stART your adventure!