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How to plan a vacation to Ecuador?

The nicest thing of traveling independently is that it feels like a true discovery. You have absolute freedom to do, see and experience whatever you want. It gives you the opportunity to  completely plan a vacation in your own way, to mingle with locals and to get off the beaten path. You plan your vacation to Ecuador exactly how you want it to be.

Ecuador is small and yet incredibly diverse with the Amazon, the Andes, the pacific coast and the Galapagos Islands. Therefore, you could really do a lot during only a short vacation. However, good planning and organization is a must to get the most out of your trip. In this article, we’ll discuss how to plan a vacation to Ecuador in the best way to ensure a great experience ,

Planning your trip

First, you would need to figure out what Ecuador has to offer. Next, you’d need to decide for yourself what you want to do. Then, you’ll have to consider some practical limitations. For instance, the seasons in the different regions (Ecuador knows 4 different climates). What’s the best route for your itinerary, this is in particularly relevant if you decide to go to high altitude, due to acclimatization. Furthermore, do you have the right vaccinations? What transportation will you be using? Etc. Fortunately, there are plenty of online and offline information sources which lay out all your travel options to help you make your decisions and plans.

The paradox of backpacking is that the discovery of the unknown makes it exciting. While at the same time, that’s also precisely what makes it harder to know exactly how best to plan and prepare your vacation.

During your vacation

Once you’re on your vacation, you want to avoid misfortunes which could completely ruin your plans and joy. Fortunately, most of the typical setbacks travelers experience are avoidable. Food poisoning could be the best example. When you stay away from the wrong restaurants, you’re not going to get sick. But also, safety. Even though, Ecuador is one of South-America’s safest countries, it’s probably not as safe as your hometown. Through proper planning and by letting the locals advise you, you’ll avoid bad experiences.

Making your travel arrangements

To avoid the hassle of planning and organizing, many travelers decide to go on organized tours instead of travelling independently. Especially travelers who are not fluent at Spanish. However, this is not necessary at all. You can easily combine the freedom of traveling independently in your own way with local specialist support of people who know exactly how to plan a vacation to Ecuador.

We recommend starting to look for some inspiration. After all, you should only go if you’re really excited to do so. What to do? gives an overview of possible activities. Through here, you’ll you can find several relevant articles as well. We find google-maps also incredibly useful source to get inspired. It has objective pictures, reviews and tells you the location.

Once you have decided you do want to go to Ecuador, the organization really depends on your preferences. At services, you can get an idea of how we have helped other travelers. Some want a tight planning to do as much as possible. Others seek more flexibility during their trip and prefer to make last minute ad hoc plans. Some travelers want to have support with the complete planning and organization. Others only want to have help with a few elements of their vacation.

Either way, once you’re on your vacation in Ecuador, we’ll always be available through messenger to support you. That’s one of the reasons we give every traveler a local SIM upon arrival in Ecuador. This way, all travelers can always reach out to us, no matter where in Ecuador they are.

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At Servicesyou’ll see how South Trips can help you during your trip. You can think of as little as an airport pick-up, the organization of a part of your trip, or as much as a complete day-to-day organized vacation. Any support is always completely personalized.

If you have any questions about Ecuador, traveling to Ecuador or something you did, or did not read at our website, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer all questions.

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